Learn Free Software provides beginner-friendly guides to introduce free software especially to non-technical computer users. The project is maintained by a free software activist who would rather not reveal their name.

Learn Free Software drew inspiration from Write Free Software and went beyond. Our goal is to provide educational resources that cater not only for developers, but also for general users.

Criteria for writing the guides

We intend to make this guide as friendly as possible so that beginners with least expertise should be able to read and follow.

Write as if your readers were college students who had just got their first laptop (yes, they really suck at computer skills). Go step by step and use friendly language. Don't write how to 25XX NOR SPI flash free boot firmware immediately they learned how to download GNU/Linux. Don't write "why the hell are you chatting on matrix? switch to Tox over Tor and get yourself RSA8192 encryption and a Yubikey!"

Say "free software" rather than "open source" unless specifically referring to the open source movement, and "GNU/Linux" rather than "Linux" unless referring to the kernel.